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We provide legal services that are focused on achieving the best solution for you. From workplace issues and employment disputes to human rights and education law, we bring specialist expertise and a focus on you as an individual to deliver best outcomes. You don’t have to pay big firm prices to get quality legal representation which is tailored to your needs.

Our Expertise

Quality legal advice and representation should be available to everyone. So, we deliver affordable expertise:

Workplace & Employment

Dealing with stressful situations at work is daunting and challenging. As employment law experts, we work to resolve problems and reduce their impact on you.

Education Sector

New Zealand’s education sector is diverse and complex. We have the knowledge and understanding to deal with education-specific issues the most responsive way, when they arise.

Human Rights & Privacy

We take a calm and measured approach to efficiently manage the complicated, the unjustified and problematic across all human rights and privacy issues.

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Workplace & Employment

When faced with a stressful situation at work, it’s hard to know what to do – or even where to begin the problem-solving process – for employees and employers alike. We take the lead on all employment relations matters to reduce the impact on you and resolve the problem. Whether it’s restructuring and redundancies, compliance requirements, performance or disciplinary issues, or raising or responding to personal grievances, we’re on hand for it all.

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Are you an employee wanting legal advice on a workplace or employment issue? We can help

Education Sector

Our education sector is diverse and its systems complex. Parents, teachers, children, and Board of Trustees can all find themselves on the receiving end of difficult situations. We bring the knowledge and understanding to deal with education-specific issues.

Human Rights & Privacy

We’re a trusted team to turn to for all human rights and privacy matters. From harassment, or discrimination at work or elsewhere, to privacy complaints and compliance issues, we take a calm measured and empathetic approach to help you deal with the complicated, the unjustified and the problematic.

Meet our people

David Fleming

With over 20 years’ experience in employment law and dispute resolution, David’s expertise when dealing with people in conflict is extensive. With time spent working in community laws, the Human Rights Commission and one of New Zealand’s largest Unions, David is committed to people, assisting their legal journey the best way possible.

Keziah Singleton

A problem solver and self-confessed go-getter, Keziah served in the public sector for over two decades – specialising in process improvement and project management – before stepping into the legal world. She thrives on simplifying complex situations and is committed to helping people first and foremost.

Sarah Beshay

The people factor drew Sarah to a career in law. Sarah’s years working in community law strengthened her passion for social justice and her drive to restore balance, confidence, and fulfilment in people’s lives. Sarah enjoys delivering tailored advice and top quality research services to clients.


Thank you David – we are sincerely grateful for all your input and advice. I hope we shall not need you any further in the future (no offence) but shall highly recommend you to anyone whom we find in a similar employment issue.

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