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We provide help and support to people across the country, facing a range of legal challenges. Legal matters – sudden or expected – can shake foundations and create stressful situations. Our expertise is centred on resolving problems because we care about the people involved. 

David Fleming

With a career spanning 30 years – in community law, the Human Rights Commission, the Union movement and as a mediator, before moving into private practice – David’s path has always focused on dealing with people in conflict, rather than dealing with the law for law’s sake.

His touchstone is working for individuals to resolve matters the best and most practical way for them, without increasing the conflict or stress in their lives. David values the advantages that come with working in a smaller, specialised practice and his personal approach ensures a resounding measure of quality and advocacy. Having represented large organisations, smaller businesses and individuals, his priority stands firm across all legal problem solving – best outcomes for people.

Keziah Singleton

Workplace problems and legal processes can feel overwhelming, but Keziah makes the most difficult of situations manageable. She cuts to the heart of the issue and finds workable solutions for both employers and employees.
Keziah has particular expertise in helping employers navigate the often confusing world of restructuring consultations, disciplinary investigations and performance improvement processes in a way that minimises risk and ongoing cost. As well as providing legal advice and representation, she undertakes workplace investigations.
Keziah has helped clients with issues ranging from personal grievances over unfair treatment to investigating alleged wrongdoing by senior executives.

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